Physics of movement

Physics of movement

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I welcome you to this learning space. This time to talk about the physics of movement. And, as they say, movement is demonstrated by walking. Do you dare to walk with me?

  • 1. Movement
  • 2. Velocity and aceleration
  • 3. Circular Uniform Motion

General aims

  • Know the concept of movement.
  • Understand that motion and trajectory are relative.
  • Know the concept of trajectory.
  • Know the different types of movements and the quantities involved (space, time, velocity, acceleration), as well as the units associated with these quantities.

Specific aims

  • Distinguish between the different types of movements based on their trajectories and their velocity from the analysis of real situations.
  • Represent velocity and acceleration vectors in different types of movements.


  • Define the concept of position, movement and trajectory.
  • Recreate different situations that show the relativity of motion.
  • Explain the concept of velocity / acceleration and its units of measurement.
  • Explain the direction of the velocity and acceleration vector in different motion situations.
  • Explain the effect of the acceleration of gravity on motion.

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